Agricultural Machinery Parts: Machinery Maintenance Tips


Agriculture is the oldest human occupation. To survive, humans must eat and grow food. The evolution of agriculture has seen humans use crude implements to grow crops to the use of sophisticated agricultural machinery. In today’s world of heavy-duty agricultural machinery, agricultural activities are more efficient and yielding than in the past.

To get these agricultural machineries to function properly, proper and occasional maintenance must be carried out. To a larger extent, agricultural machinery parts are essential in the workings of these machines. To ensure proper maintenance of these agricultural machinery parts and machines themselves, these are some maintenance tips to always consider.

Tire pressure and conditions

Not all agricultural machinery comes with tires, but for most of them, they need tires to move them around. Like any other machine with tires, inspect the tires before and after using the machinery. As these machineries move through the farms, they climb over stumps, and particles that could cause harm to the tire’s integrity.

Another thing to check in relation to tires is the pressure. It’s best to have a pressure gauge handy for routine checks. A properly inflated tire moves smoothly and easily than one with pressure below the recommended gauge.

Fluid levels

Machines and machine parts need to stay lubricated to work properly. These fluids include oil, radiator, crankcase, transmission, etc. Each of these fluids have regulated gauges that need occasional topping and replacements. The agricultural machinery can break down when fluids are not topped on time or replaced.

Checking and replacing machinery parts

Agricultural machineries are a collection of parts put together that ensures the smooth working operation of the machine. These parts are subject to faults, damages, and misplacements. Scheduled checks will help detect these parts early on before they cause worse problems later on. Agricultural machinery parts are available for purchase both online and in local machine parts shops.

Electric systems

Modern machines are a perfect blend of mechanical and electrical systems. Electrical systems are more technical in agricultural machinery than mechanical aspects. Yet, it’s always smart to have a basic understanding of the machine’s electrical systems.

As little as a faulty battery terminal can hinder the operation of the machinery. When in doubt of what to look out for, call in expert machine electricians to routinely inspect the machinery.

Keep it clean

Agricultural machinery mostly works outdoors in the farm’s dirt. After use, the body and tires of these machines will be covered in dirt. Good maintenance culture starts from washing and cleaning the dirt off the machine’s body. This prevents unnecessary dirt build-up that could damage the haul and paint job.

Start diesel engines weekly

When not in use, start diesel engines and let it run at least once each week. This prevents encrustation and oxidation from affecting the engine. It also helps prevent the machine parts from stalling by circulating lubricant oils.


Undoubtedly, agricultural machinery is an integral part of modern agriculture. To ensure they function properly, regular care and maintenance must be taken. Agricultural machinery parts should be checked and replaced as at when due. Also, mechanical and electrical systems should be checked routinely with expert supervision, when necessary.


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