Correct Usage and Maintenance of Wood Milling Machines


Wood Milling Machines are the most important tool for wood pellet production. They are the heart of the whole process, and they have great influence on the quality of the final product.

Wood pellet mills are complex machines that need to be maintained properly in order to keep them working at their best. Here are some tips on how to use and maintain wood pellet mill:

1. Make sure to replace the gearbox oil in your pellet milling machine regularly. This will ensure that the gears in your pellet milling machine are protected from rust and wear.

2. Adjust the spindle bearings if the spindle wobbles or vibrates when you turn it by hand.

3. Keep your dies sharp so that they cut cleanly through the wood pellets, rather than crushing them into dust.

4. Wear safety glasses when operating your pellet milling machine, especially when changing dies as this will protect your eyes from flying chips of wood splintering off from being cut by the die blades!

5. When feeding materials into the hopper, please pay attention to whether there are foreign particles mixed with them; if there are, do not continue feeding materials; otherwise, it will cause injury to your hands when operating the machine.

6. After stopping the operation of the machine, please ensure that all parts have stopped rotating before opening the cover plate or door of the cabinet (or disconnecting power supply); otherwise, it may cause injury due to sparks caused by magnets during rotation.

Common Reasons for Failure and Solutions in Wood Mills

There are many reasons why these machines fail to perform their functions properly or they stop working altogether. Here is a discussion about some common reasons behind this failure and also how you can solve them yourself without having to call a technician every time your machine stops working properly or when you want to increase its efficiency:

Dust accumulation

If your machine has dust accumulation in some parts then it will not operate efficiently or it may stop working altogether. You should clean out the dust from these parts regularly so that it does not interfere with their functioning properly.

Reduced Engine Operation Power

In this case, you have to check if there is any problem with the engine or it needs to be replaced. If the engine needs to be replaced then you should go ahead and buy a new one. You can also try repairing it by yourself or send it to a repair shop if you know how to do that.

Blunt Blades

If the blades become dull over time then it may cause severe damage to your machine so make sure that they are always sharpened before starting up your machine again.

Overheated Heat Exchanger

In this case, you will need to replace your heat exchanger with a new one but make sure that you don’t buy one that is bigger than what is required for your machine as this will cause more problems than good ones!


There are several factors involved in the accidents of wood pellet machines and all of it comes down to maintenance. Some of these are minor and do not cause huge damage to your machine such as small glitches, but more times than not, a problem that arises from a small glitch turns into a major downtime for the manufacturer.

It is always better to get the wood pellets machine inspected by a manufacture’s representative. It is also important to know that your dealer handles the maintenance and service for you regularly. If you buy a machine from a professional dealer, you will get free support for one year. You will also be able to manage the production cost for your factory in the long term by choosing these machines wisely.


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