Everything You Need To Know Before You Think Of Buying A Clitoral Pump


A clit pump, also known as a clitoral pump, is a sex toy designed for female pleasure. The product is typically made from soft, pliable materials like silicone and gel. Some brands make products from a combination of gel, rubber, and silicone. Clit pumps made from combination materials are typically more pleasant. There are a few plastic clip pumps on the market. Online platforms like AliExpress are great places to acquire delicate products like these. Before you start browsing the internet for clit pumps, it would be wise to understand the basics of the product.

What is a clit or clitoral pump, and how does it work?

A clit pump works by applying a suction to the clitoris or labia to increase blood flow to the female genital region. The device design was derived from the penis pump invented in the early 1900s to treat erectile dysfunction and sexual enhancement.

When using the device, you must place it over the entire external female genitalia and squeeze the pump. As you work the pump, blood is pulled to the clitoris. This makes the organic feel and looks fuller. It also makes it more sensitive to various sensations, including touch.

Types of clitoral pumps?

There are three primary types of clit pumps. They are;

1. Simple pumps

This type features a basic design with a cup and a manual pump. The cup is connected to the pump with a rubber tube. You can use it by placing the cylinder on your genitals and working the pump with your hands.

2. Pumps with teasers

This type feature a special teaser inside the cylinder or cup. The teaser features small spikes or ridges that stimulate the clitoris when the device is activated. They are usually more costly than the former.

3. Pumps with vibrators

This type is quite similar to pumps with teasers. However, instead of a spiked teaser, it features a vibrating bullet inside the cylinder. The bullet is operated separately from the pump. Most brands offer removable vibrating bullets.

Why should you get a clitoral pump?

The primary benefit of this device is that it increases sensation by increasing blood flow to the most erogenous part of the female genitalia. This results in intense orgasms and enhances sexual experiences.

Another benefit is that it helps promote natural lubrication during erotic experiences. This builds confidence in both parties and enhances their experience.

The device also helps women strengthen their pelvic floor. The stimulation from the pump connects you to the pelvic flow muscles. This helps improve continence and supports the internal organs.

Final word

When choosing a clit pump, you must be careful not to get a poorly designed product. Such a product can cause long-term effects like impaired blood flow to the genitalia and prolonged and painful swelling. You must also understand that the pumps come in varying sizes. Therefore, you must determine the ideal size for you depending on your body and how you wish to apply it.


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