How to Clean a Carburetor on a pressure washer


Whether you’re cleaning at a 100ft height with a pressure washer or you’re cleaning a lower surface, your pressure washer may develop faults at any time. That is why you need to ensure you’re maintaining the pressure washer well and remain very observant. Usually, a pressure washer is a durable machine that doesn’t just spoil easily. When damage is near, the pressure washer usually gives signs, starting from some odd noises within your pressure washer. If you aren’t observant of these sounds, you wouldn’t know when the pressure washer is going bad, but if you are focused, you can discover the problem before it stops working.

A common culprit amongst the components of a gas pressure washer that can go bad is the carburetor. A gas pressure washer, as the name implies, runs on gas. What happens is the machine makes use of air to burn the gas appropriately to start and keep the device running for the necessary period. Without fuel, your gas pressure machine may not work, but without air, too, it won’t work. You need a balance between air and fuel for your engine to perform optimally. An air to gas ratio of 15:1 or 12:1 is okay to have your pressure washer running correctly. Because it’s a machine, getting this balanced ratio is the job of a carburetor. The carburetor acts as the mixing ground for both air and fuel. As such, many activities going on that can leave your carburetor dirty and clogged. This dirt will hinder its function, and you have no option but to clean the carburetor. While it’s best to call an expert to help clean your carburetor, it’s a task you can do yourself with the proper guidelines. This guide will be your stepbystep guide on how to clean your carburetor correctly.

Switch off the fuel valve and detach the spark plug

Before you can get to the carburetor of your gas pressure washer, you need to remove the spark plug. To get the spark plug properly, the first step is to turn off the fuel valve. This will ensure that no fuel is getting wasted through the valve. After turning off your fuel valve, detaching the spark plug should be easier.

Get a clear view of the carburetor

In some gas pressure washers, after removing the spark plug, you have a good sight of the carburetor. But in some cases, you may not see the carburetor clearly. Regardless, ensure you’re not working on the carburetor of a gas pressure washer blindly. See it clearly before working on it.

Disconnect tube taking fuel to the carburetor

When you see all the carburetor components, it’s time to work. But before that, stop the flow of fuel by detaching the tube taking fuel to the carburetor. After that, you can now unscrew the carburetor and clean it. First, start cleaning by removing any gas remnants as much as possible. After that, clean with a carburetor cleaner.


If you don’t have the requisite tools to follow the steps discussed above, do not try to clean your carburetor. Instead, you can call on an expert.


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